In 2015: More Content (and Better?)

A version of this story originally appeared on PBS MediaShift.

By Dorian Benkoil

If you thought there was a flood of content last year, just wait. The good news, though, is that more of the good stuff will rise to the top.

And along with the content, expect more tracking of the people consuming it, but less agreement on how to measure exactly what they’re doing.

Here, then, are some predictions for the media and technology businesses in 2015.
Content Marketing Shakeout
2014 saw a flood of content created for marketing. This year, I believe, we’ll see a separation of the good and the less-so.

Top-flight publishers will start to doubt the economics of sending users off their site for pennies per click via questionable headlines promising financial fortune, or “news” on Paris Hilton and Victoria’s Secret models.

Content marketing, featuring Paris Hilton and Victoria's Secret models.

A sample of content marketing, featuring Paris Hilton and Victoria’s Secret models.

“People use sensational words to get attention to their writing. But if it’s consistently sensational, people stop paying attention,” publisher and investor Om Malik said at the Digital Content Next (DCN) conference on content marketing this fall in New York. Over time, “people respond to consistent and reasonable arguments,” he said.

Plus, the real money — and the real margins — for publishers comes from creating