Media News Roundup: Japanese Buzzfeed, 2016 Candidate Ads on Instagram, and Twitter’s Sale of Video Ads Outside of their App

Buzzfeed Looks to Go Viral in Japan

  • Buzzfeed and Yahoo Japan are working together to create a Japanese-language version of the site. It’s a new type of partnership for Buzzfeed, which previously had complete ownership of operations in other countries.
  • By working with Yahoo Japan, Buzzfeed will have the opportunity to get massive traffic and will also gain
    access to the largest digital media sales team in Japan.
  • This is yet another step taken by Buzzfeed to go more international as it reaches an increasingly global audience.

2016 Candidates Take Political Ads to Instagram

  • As of this week, Instagram is offering 2016 candidates ways to advertise. Advertisers are able to use Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities to reach users.
  • With the new ad targeting options, candidates can upload a file of voter information and Facebook will match it to user accounts. Campaigns can also target Instagram users by demographics such as ZIP code, gender, relationship status, and interests.
  • “It’s a two-way dialogue between the candidates and the electorate,” said Liz Bourgeois, the Instagram spokeswoman who is working on 2016 campaign-related projects.

Twitter is Selling Video Ads in Other Apps

  • Twitter announced this week that it’s now selling autoplay video ads inside of other apps through it MoPub ad network. This means that advertisers buying video ads on Twitter can use the same targeting to show people video ads inside other apps they use.twitter-video-ad1
  • Video ads are the most profitable type of ads, so this move means Twitter can sell more video ads than it could otherwise fit into user timelines on Twitter itself, thus boosting revenue further.
  • Video ads are rising in popularity thanks to the targeting capabilities of social networks and the rise of mobile video. Twitter isn’t alone in this move; Facebook announced the same ad-buying feature last week.