Media News Roundup:

Here’s a collection of media business and tech news that caught our eye, with a touch of explanation and commentary:

The Long Story Behind Gigaom’s Sudden Demise

  • Gigaom, a tech news publisher which laid off all of its employees last week, highlights the critical role that the organized, responsible management of a business plays — including, especially, its finances.
  • Overspending and over borrowing was ultimately what led to the steady decline of the site.
  • Dorian plans a longer story about this one. It looks like the issue that brought the company down was more one of financial structure than its validity as a business or business model.

Why Starbucks Is Trying to Launch a Media Company

  • The new media company under works between Starbucks and Rajiv Chandrasekaran, formerly senior correspondent for the Washington Post, shows Starbucks’ intention to create and manage a community in a way a conventional ad campaign cannot.

Spotify, a Music Streaming Service Going for Broke

  • Spotify faces quite a few challenges if it is to grow further, as detailed here.
  • Ultimately, growth for Spotify is worth forsaking a profit in the short term.

10 Social Media Rules to Follow if You Don’t Want to Get Sued

  • Dorian wrote this one for Contently. It tells how content written by non-journalistic commercial brands comes under different laws and regulations than journalism.
  • Tips for managing commercial content include understanding advertising speech and knowing what must be disclosed.

Lessons From Social Media Week: Organic Reach Hasn’t Died, It’s Just Evolved

  • Dorian contributed to this one. Social media have changed, and businesses need to mix paid marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest into their organic efforts in order to be effective.