How to Curate: A Quick Guide

One of the things we do at the MediaThon is provide a weekly roundup of media news for this blog.  We curate information about media creation, business and technology that’s useful and interesting. Here’s a quick view of the process.

When selecting material, ask yourself:

  • Is it indicative of a larger trend?
  • Is there a new and important angle?
  • What could this mean for the our community of content creators, distributors, businesspeople, technologists and others?

In writing it up:

  • Be brief, concise and pithy.
  • Pick out and quickly say the most salient details.
  • Look the for the context, or something from inside to pull out and highlight.
  • Look for the opportunity it presents! It may be a business opportunity, the possibilities for the community, or a potential personal opportunity.

I hope this helps. If you have more ideas on best practices to curate, feel free to let us know.