Nikki Tirado

Nikki Tirado, a Technology Evangelist has dedicated the past four years to training folks and advocating for new cloud and database technologies. She spent a year traveling and living in the United Kingdom delivering class room based workshops on Hybrid Cloud best practices. She has spearheaded programs to increase Cloud adoption within Rackspace globally. She is best known for her infectious enthusiasm, energy, and commitment to drive innovation through social connections. Becoming the first Cloud Savvy certified woman at Rackspace, Nikki is determined to spread her knowledge and connect visionaries with techies to create awesome stuff. Nikki has been entrenched in the NYC Tech Community since August 2014 advocating for Data Services through online media and in person at meetups and conferences.  She is passionate about volunteering for City Meals on Wheels and could never have enough Tres Leches cake. Feel free to say Hola! @nikkitirado.